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Texarkana USA Site Policies

www.texarkanausa.com Policy Statement


The primary goal of this site is to provide information about Texarkana on the internet for all to find.  To meet this goal the following policies will be used as a guideline for the operation of this site.

1.    Entity Reference.  The entity reference is the main difference between this site and all other sites of its kind that I am aware of.  This site will contain a database of entities in the Texarkana area (within about 25 miles).  This site will use a significant portion of it's resources to keep this database complete and up to date.  The first priority will be to update the business listings.  If there are sufficient resources left the personal entities will be targeted.  Until then personal listings will be by request only.

2.    Content.  This site's content will be closely monitored to be appropriate to visitors of all ages.  This will mean that there will be some restrictions regarding content.  This site cannot support any illegal activities or activities that are in the opinion of TranSoft Labs, Inc. are of a non productive nature. This includes gambling, use of tobacco, use of alcohol, or sexually oriented activities.  This does not preclude listing of any legitimate business but does mean that some businesses will not be fully described on this site.  Please understand that if your business cannot be described without these restrictions it may not be listed.  Use your imagination.  For example it is acceptable to describe your business as a private club or a place to dance.

3.    Texarkana information.  This site will provide a general information page that includes city related information about population, demographics, education, etc.

4.    Local events.  Something is always going on in Texarkana.  This site will list as many local events as possible.

5.    User response.  When a visitor to this site makes a comment or suggestion it should be responded to normally within 2 business days.  This response should be at least a change in the site or a posting of notice why the comment cannot be incorporated in the site immediately.

6.    Special Entities.  Due to the need for a place to get information about many things of public interest the following entities will be given special consideration regardless of their participation in the sponsorship of the site. This site will make an effort to make sure information about these entities is available from this site. Community service organizations,  Schools, and Churches.

7.    Memberships.  Click here for membership and advertising details.

8.    Site Promotion.  1. Registration with internet search engines.  2. Advertising on local radio, TV, billboards, magazines, etc.


1.    Entity - for the purpose of this site entity will refer to any person, place or business within about 25 miles of Texarkana.